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Laughter Yoga on the Phone

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Go to http://www.laughteryogausa.com to see all the info for participating in Laughter Yoga on the Phone. It began with a simple idea to make Laughter Yoga available to everybody, and now their conference phone lines have been visited by thousands of folks from just about every state in the US and Canada. It’s a free service that has benefited people who Read More…

Scientists Hint at Why Laughter Feels So Good

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The New York Times published this article in answer to the question, “Why Does Laughter Feel So Good?” Take a look!

What is Laughter Yoga?

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Scientific studies have concluded that the body cannot tell the difference between real and pretend laughter. The mind wants your willingness to try the fake laughing in order to get the benefits. Therefore, you can improve your health during challenges and bad moods with exercises and no need for a sense of humor. Check out the YouTube entries in the Read More section. Read More…