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Would You Believe – Insurance Company Notes Health Benefits of Laughter?

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Yay! Liz Nutt tells me there is an insurance company that encourages customers to laugh for good health! WOW! Now, my wish is to hear that doctors are writing prescriptions for patients to do extra laughing to improve their physical and mental health. If you want to add more laughter to your life, click here [...]

Gift Your Inner Child a Laughter Session?

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Who thinks that older adults should hide their inner chiild? I love this photo of me with one of my laughter session friends. Some of my class participants have memory issues. In the moment, they are as warm and funny as ever. I always leave with an uplifted spirit. The gift I give comes back [...]

How Can I Start the Day Laughing?

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Don’t feel like laughing when you wake up? Watch this video of Dr. Kataria, founder of Laughter Yoga, showing Dr. Kataria on video Laughing Alone Linda LeVier linkinglaughinghearts.orgyou how to get in a laughing mood. Read More…

Cataract surgery with laughter?

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Linda uses laughter for stress release. Just before she left home the day of her surgery, she put a clown red nose in her bag.
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What is a Laughing Heart?

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A laughing heart is the heart of a person with a positive attitude, a person who:
• sees the glass half full
• sees the funny side of a bad situation
• lets out his or her inner child
• is not afraid to be seen being playful
• sees a challenge as a new adventure
• wants to link with other laughing hearts
• helps other people find lightness and joy inside themselves. Read More…

Spreading Joy

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My cardiologist, Dr. Thomas Heywood, had the job of informing me that I needed a heart transplant.

He plays on my silliness when he treats me after the surgery.

Thank you, Dr. Heywood and my huge medical team. 

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